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Mental Health 
When You
Need It Most 

For Anyone, Anywhere, at Anytime.

Ceo Therapy


• Learn the blueprint to scale to a 6-figure business 
• Identify your ideal client + how to serve them
• Access brand + marketing strategies that convert
• Master sales + sales strategy 
• Build Your Business + Financial Plan
• Create signature, secondary + high volume offers
• 1:1 accountability + support


• Find support for physical + mental health
• Gain deeper connection in your personal and
professional relationships
• Access a greater sense of health on a physical,
spiritual, mental and emotional level
• Achieve the goals you have been dying to reach
• Apply to Monica's 12-Step Birthing Process

How it Works

How It Works

Complete Intake

Get your Evaluation

Though observation and interpretation of patient abilities and behaviors to develop an ever-clearer picture of the patient's problems and necessary therapy.

Book a Session

Depending on your issue and therapy goals, therapy can last a few sessions or several weeks or years. While you likely want to know how long it's going to take to "feel better," there's no simple answer. It's very individualized.

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

Patient Stories

“When I referred my first patient, I was worried it would be too expensive for them. But after their first two sessions, they told me it was the best investment they’ve made.”

Jackie, 27

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